A vote for Brian
is a not a vote for the other dudes

Born and raised in the United States, Brian knows a majority of the states and their capitols!

  • United
  • States
  • of America

Brian Jennings
is a thinker!

He won't rush to make a decision. Brian will thoughtfully ponder all options and consult with others to help him make an informed decision.

Brian Jennings
will get down in the mud if necessary!

Sometimes, you have to get your hands dirty to solve a problem. Brian has been up to his neck in mud and, after a quick shower, comes out clean!

Brian Jennings
is an award winner!

Year after year, Brian continues to win awards. These are not just participation awards, but actual awards.

Brian Jennings on the Issues

There are issues all around us and the American people want to know
where Brian stands on the issues.

  • Campaign Finance Reform

    Brian Jennings is all for campaign finance reform. Since no one has given his campaign any money, a reform needs to occur.

  • Climate Change

    It seems every season the weather changes. Is this due to global warming? El Nino? Too much outdoor flatulance?

  • National Security

    Having read a number of Tom Clancy novels, Brian is an expert in national security, understanding threats locally and abroad and what covert team to use for each situation. Brian has also played Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare quite a bit.

  • Posting Pics of Food on Facebook

    If elected President, I will sign an executive order outlawing people from posting pictures of their food on Facebook. I will create a new social networking site dedicated to food pics - Foodbook, where people can post pics without fear of reprisal.

  • Dishes

    Someone needs to do the dishes. Don't just leave them in the sink for someone else to take care of.

  • Guantanamo Bay

    As President, I would close Guantanamo Bay and make it into my own private retreat. It's a great piece of land with plenty of waterfront. I would spend my time there paddle boarding and kayaking around the bay.

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